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Great counting book~ sequal to Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom. Also teaches place value-- with a twist of adventure and fun.

  Michael continues the tradition of his mentor and co-author Bill Martin Jr with exciting school visits! And conference Keynote speeches as well!

Districts and schools rave about Michael Sampson's author visits.  Because Michael is a former public school teacher, and because he has taught at the primary, intermediate, and middle school levels, he knows both kids and teachers.

Author School Visits to elementary and middle schools.

bullet In a highly interactive, motivational format, Michael shares his life story of how he became a writer.
bullet As he shares, Michael reads his best-selling books to the kids.
bullet Michael shares that all children are writers and that every student should be "everything they can be."
bullet The session includes question and answers with the students.
bullet Michael does an autograph session for students, teachers and parents.

Staff Development Sessions

bullet The Writing Process
bullet Reading Comprehension Strategies
bullet Technology and Literacy
bullet GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science)

Honorarium ( Prices):

 1) Local- within 50 miles of New York City
                     special rate available

2) Please email or call for rates throughout the US and world.

3) Multiple Days: Receive discount

4) Evening Programs: Free for evening programs at libraries or schools when combined with a school visit.

5) Save money with a live video visit if your school has the facility.  Call for prices.

Housing and Meals:
        1) Housing at a local hotel/motel.
        2) A dinner with key members of the school staff the evening prior to the visit is beneficial, but not required.
        3) Preparation of kids prior to the school visit is essential.   

            a) familiarity with the author Michael Sampson and his books
            b) discussions and prep for a question to ask the author

      4) Evening programs for families at the school have been highly successful and beneficial in encouraging parent participation in the educational process.

    1) Parents are welcome for any and all assemblies.
    2) Video taping, pictures or recording  of assemblies is acceptable. Sharing of these tapes with other schools, or  school TV networks is encouraged.
    3) Press or TV coverage of the visit is encouraged.
    4) The purpose of the visit is to encourage and excite students to read  books  and to write their own.


New York State Associaton for the Education of Young Children
College Reading Association (CRA)
McNeese State University Reading Conference
St. Pete Times Festival of Reading


Scheduling, Author Visits

or call 903 413 3344

Phone: 1 903 413 3344

or email michael at



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